Does he want to date me or he doesn't like me?

I have been talking to my guy friend for awhile. He has been single for a yr&his ex gf broke his heart really bad, he loved her A LOT! Well he knows I like him because I admitted it, he said for me not to get invested unless I know he is ready because he doesn't want a relationship. He asked me to hang out last Sunday, he picked me up&opened the car door, made me food, we watched tv, cuddled, kissed, he gave me eskimo kisses, kissed my forehead, said how beautiful my smile, dimples&eyes were. He asked if we could hang out wed&I said yes. He picked me up&he opened the door again&we watched movies, cuddled, kissed&we messed around, but I stopped it, he wanted to lay down w/me but I felt ugly. So when he was taking me home he he had spit&he said if i'm going to date him I have to get use to it. Well he didn't text me the next day, so I texted him asking if he was mad&he said no that he just felt bad because he doesn't want a relationship&I said I knew that&I don't get attatched. He texted me a lot&asked to hang out this Sunday. We cuddled, held hands, kissed& I don't know if he wanted to mess around but I didn't. He kept asking if I'm going to mark my territory&to leave a hickey so the ladies at work can see it since they picked on him about it last time. He found out about a guy who likes me&asked "it's not like you like him right?" I mumbled no&he asked again but more serious "It's not like you like him, right?" &I said no. He held my hand in the car&kissed me bye.
Does he like me or just wants friends w/benefits or he wants to see how it will go first?

When I asked if he was mad he said he was sorry for leading me on because he doesn't want a relationship
& what meant by marking his territory was like leaving a bobby pin, the hickey was because of the first time we hung out I gave him one but didn't think it would actually show but he is light skinned. The ladies at work picked on him


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  • this is a tricky one, and also sounds similar to my situation. Well by the sounds of it he does definitely like you otherwise he wouldn't be asking to hang out with you/kissing you etc... but on the other hand you have to be really careful because he's told you that he doesn't want a relationship. I guess if you're fine with being friends with benefits or just dating then that's what you're relationship will be - but be careful cause after time you will probably start to feel attachment towards him. Maybe you should carry on with the way things are for now but as soon as you're feelings start to grow stronger tell him that if it's going to work you need the title of a relationship. Hope this helps.

    • He knew before I like him. I do have feelings but when we messed around I backed away so I was getting attatched but I'm making myself not to. He just gets jealous if there are other guys

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  • He's so conflicted! We can all feel it. He might be slightly caloused from his previous relationship, so he'll need some time to start a new one. He wants and likes you but he probably wants to stay away from the title since to the freshly broken, that's a scary place. I know he likes you because he was alittle jealous when you brought up the other guy. If you stick with him--in small doses as to increase his demand for you while lowering your supply (so to speak)--he'll probably commit to you. Also, you could probably win him quickly with jealousy, but i wouldn't recommend it.

    • Is there a chance he just wants friends with benefits? I know we messed around and I told him no more and I don't know if he tried but I didn't let it get far like at all. Whenever I pick my hair up in a bun he says I'm going to mark my territory with bobby pins, well I lost one and I was trying to find it but couldn't so I told him to throw it away if he finds it but he didn't want to. He kept getting me in a hug from behind and he always opens the car door for me and on the ride home he held my hand while driving and gave me a kiss bye. I know not to get attached but it's hard not to with how he is

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