Phoning a girl to ask her out- help please?

Basically I've been on a first date with this girl. I've tried to arrange a second date, but we've both been busy. We've got a free day this weekend and I was meant to ask her today- but if I'm honest, I chickened out.
don't know why. Guess I'm afraid she's been saying she's busy to not go out with me, and that she'll say no.

Anyway- I need to call her now as texting is rubbish and I won't see her for a while.
Only thing is, I'm rubbish on the phone. She's not great either so I know it'll be awkward.
Any tips? Also if she starts umming and arhhing and sounds indecisive, should I just say "tell you what, I let you think about it, and if you let me know when you can?"- something like that?

One of the things I'm afraid of is an awkward silence from her after asking her- I know this is likely to happen. It will be either cause she's shy/nervous, or that she wants to say no- what do I do if she doesn't respond, and is umming and arrring?
Anyone else? :)


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  • Act natural! Don't try too hard to not be awkward, just be yourself. Talking on the phone can be awkward, but if you try too hard you may end up sounding weird. Know what you want to say, you don't want to call her and forget the reason you called in the first place. Just relax. It's just talking. It'll be okay :D

    • Thanks! I think I'm more nervous about not being prepared- I'm prepared to ask her, for a yes- but not for a no. If she says no, how do I recover and what do I say?

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  • Just go for it. Fear is going to be there but ignore it.

    • And if she says no over the phone... how do I recover? What do I say?

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  • asking out on the phone is fine
    my tip is to write down what u want to say so u won't be nearly as nervous
    its helped me man times.