Why can't my parents/my mom be happy for me?

So I started talking to this guy online at the end of February . We met once without my parents knowing only because its hard for me to get to that second date. Well things went well. So come the next time I go out to see him, I tell my parents. I see him two more times after that and then last night my mom talks to me about him and everything she doesn't like.

Let me point out that I have never had a boyfriend and this guy is amazing, he enjoys spending time with me and getting to know me more. And we have been intimate, every time we are together. I know... don't judge me.

Anyway my mom feels a guy his age (31) shouldn't be with a girl my age (25). That he is after one thing is sex. And he will take advantage of your vulnerability and your experience. A guy like that should not be chasing after girls like you. It isn't right, something is wrong.

I really don't see the age difference as a big deal, I have met guys my age and they are immature and jerks. And my mom says from that asking me how many guys have I dated to know that there's so much more. And suggests Match. com to me and that she would pay for it.

A little more background about the guy I am seeing, he lives at home but only to help out his family, he was on his own before. He has no car, license was taken away for speeding but he's working on it.

Now I get my mom's concerns and worries but why can't she be happy for me. It's like she is basically saying that she doesn't want me dating this guy. I admit I need to slow things down with him and really get to know him but he makes me happy, I feel wanted, and special. He makes me feel good inside.

I was hysterically crying last night when she talked to me and points I may have snapped a little but most of the time I didn't know what to say to her cause she got me so upset.

I don't want to end it with him, I don't want to lose him but i'm not sure how this is going to work with the way my mom feels about him. Help!
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I ended it. Glad I did, he ended up being verbally abusive.
Why can't my parents/my mom be happy for me?
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