He doesn't want to date anyone else but he doesn't know what he wants?

We have been dating for almost 4 months now. And he is very good to me very attentive spends every off day all the free time he has with me. But suddenly after almost 4 months he says he doesn't know what he wants? He has been divorced two times I know the details of both is he just scared? What should I think or do? He says he doesn't want to date anyone else.


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  • It sounds like he's an honest, good guy. And I'm the same so let me tell you.

    he likes where you two are and he's approved of you so far. But he's looking to see if it can become serious. Its o, e thing have a girlfriend and another to have a serious relationship. Its another step.

    but some chicks are ok for being just a gf.

    But to take that next step, it becomes about your heart and what's I, you. Do you like him for who he is? Would you stick with him? Support? Respect? Etc.

    some chicks are just eye candy, others are arm candy, and few are heart candy.

    • Also, dont force him to decide anything. He has to decide for himself what he feals. Just be who you are and be honest. And if he decides to keep going or next step then very good.

      also, he doesn't want to go through putting his heart out there just to have it get broken again.

    • Thank you itsgeorge that was very helpful. And it is nice to get a man's perspective on the situation. He is a very good guy and I really hope I am more than candy and it can go to the next step I would like for it too. He is worth waiting on and I would never pressure him.

    • Anytime here to help :)

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  • He's probably scared, and probably not sure where he wants to go with this. it sounds like he enjoys what you have right now, but doesn't know how far its going to go and is getting scared.