Need help deciphering what her true intention are about me!?

Long story short.

Reconnected with this girl I used to talk/ date 4 years ago. I liked her in the pass but we stopping dating because I told her how I felt about us. So I decided to give her another chance.

She has a 4 year old daughter & baby daddy drama present day. We are both 27

I get the feeling that she's looking at me as either

1. attention/ feeling young & wanted

2. Using me to get back at her baby daddy

3. Or thinking I'm going to saver her from her current situation ( fill in daddy/ bf )

The reason I get these vibes is because she will talk about her baby daddy to me without me asking any questions. She will mention guys at work or past dates that didn't work.

I ask her why does she tell me stuff. She replied " I don't want to hide anything, open and honest ( lol, yeah right! )

She proclaimed to her girl friend that her and I are "just friends". ( why string me along with that bs)

There is zero physical connection between us. I don't want to be rude and grab her but she doesn't put herself in a position for me to make a move ( hug, kiss, etc)

she will ask me to validate her decisions and personality like I'm a judge.
We went out on a date and at the end of the night she sent me a text saying

" maybe I am weird or odd, you think so?"

My gut is telling me to ditch her, too much drama ( possibility very high), she isn't sure of what she wants out of life/ me ), and she had a chance with me 4 years ago but choose the other guy

Can I get advise on how to end this

1. ignore her ( text phone calls )
2. Tell her about herself
3. Suggestions?


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  • With all that you have just said, sweetie, you have got ALL the right answers. All you are looking for is someone here, like me, to let you off the hook, with no guilty conscience, and I am about to do this for you.
    Firstly, it takes a special kind of Committed person to take on a woman with baggage. And many times, they ARE looking for a daddy figure for their kid or kids. No doubt about it. And of course, a soul mate for themselves, for they are lonely and need as much love as the kids do.
    In your case, you have everything against you from the very beginning. She is even throwing in Big Daddy as an extra bonus in her package deal, and that there, spells trouble all way around.
    You're right, too much drama, and even more if you don't ditch the damsel with all her distresses. It sounds like a train wreck just waiting to crash, so jump off NOW, and don't let anyone like this again try to attach themselves to your caboose. xx


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  • She's stuck, if you don't think she's worth it I wouldn't help her or get back together with her.
    In the end it would be you to get hurt.

  • Your gut is right. None of the three things you listed is a good way for her to perceive you.


What Guys Said 1

  • She's telling her girlfriends that she's just your friend. Move On. She's also probably trying to make you jealous when she talks about those other guys... like you said, she's not asking for advice or anything, she's just talking about it for no reason. Sounds like bullshit to me too dude.

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