What to do after dinner to end an awesome date and make it one of the best moments of your lives?

You're nearing the end of a successful date; you have just finished dinner, shared a spoon during the dessert, finished that expensive bottle of wine, and settled the bill.

You walk out of the restaurant, suddenly finding your hands together, and started walking... but to where?

Other than just going straight to sex (which I think is VERY likely tonight by the way *wink*) what else do you think you could do to put that metaphorical cherry on top and make this night "The Night of All Nights" in your Memory Hall of FAME that you could talk and share with your friends, relatives, and children (someday)?

You know, "How I Met Your Mother" last-episode-series-finale kind of level style?


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  • at night? stargazing
    during the day, feeding animals


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  • Dance with her!!! find a place with music playing, even outside, and just smile and ask her to dance AND TELL HER SHE'S BEAUTIFUL!! treat her like a lady and make her feel really special:)


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  • I personally like those little breathmints myself.

  • Snatch her purse and run.
    Best case scenario, I find out that she has the ability to talk to fish and sea mammals and we go to SeaWorld and command the dolphins and whales to poop on the trainers.