is it common that someone can't be bothered to reply to your messages?

just as a general question, is it common that someone 'ceebs' with replying to your messages. i have a few mates that are like that, but the guy im dating says 'i should reply more often, im being too lazy' is it common or is this a bad sign?


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  • : / I'm probably the wrong person to answer this question because I don't reply to messages in the most timely manner.
    Back in the day when I had less of a social life and generally less obligations, I was asking the same exact question! Honestly, I simply just had a whole lot of time on my hand. So much time that it was obviously apparent when someone didn't reply to my text within an hour. However, now that my social life and duties have expanded, it's not realistic for me to reply to messages within a certain amount of time. I'm the type of person who likes to put thought into my messages unless it's a very basic convo about plans or something. So if I don't have the time to put thought into the message, then I'll just wait to respond when I do. I'm sincerely very busy and when I don't have plans, I'm spending a lot of time driving *I don't text and drive*. When I come home and chill, I tend to forget about my phone and often times, I'll leave it charging in another room while I occupy myself.

    Anyway, the guy is being a tad bit sensitive for claiming you're lazy. The fact that you can't reply A. S. A. P. could suggest that you are too busy being productive. Contrary, if you were really lazy, you would be sitting around, not doing anything and most of your time would be opportune to reply to messages quickly. Anyhow, I've learned that the more social and busy your friends and the ones you're dating are, the more common this gets. The less social and less busy people tend to be, the more time they have to sit around and get aggravated over that.

    • ahh yeah i see your point of view, fair enough for you though if you have a busy life.
      nah as in he's saying that he's lazy and he needs to reply more often.
      he does have a pretty good life, so i guess that im over reacting or im just expecting too much?

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    • hmm yeah you got some good points, i understand hahah thanks so much for your help

    • any time : )

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  • It isn't much of a bad sign, but I want to see it as a form of social anxiety because they'd assume you're not interested to what they have to say.

    He just want to grow the connection where he can say anything and it'll instantly start a new conversation.

    • fair enough, i feel ask though we already have that connection but maybe it's cause he's busy and everything ahha im pretty busy too

  • I guess it's common because people are always so busy and distracted. But I always reply whenever someone messages me (which is rare if they do)


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  • Not at all, haha. It's funny because when people send me texts, I NEVER reply unless it's for school, meeting up somewhere or making plans. I'm just really lazy to reply. People think I'm an ass for eating their messages without replying but they know how I am so I never get texted anymore unless it's absolutely necessary. Don't know when I started not giving a crap.
    If you don't want to reply, who cares? But I guess to make it look like you're into him, you have to take some initiative.

    • well i always message him and stuff, and he sometimes messages me and everything he knows im into him, but just wondering if its a bad sign that he says he can't be bothered replying or anything hahaha

  • I think since he actually can state he's being lazy, that he's admitting he could do better IF HE WANTED. He may just be keeping you in the line because he's not ready to end things. Be careful.

    • hmm what do you think i should do then?

    • I think outside the messages is where you should focus on his genuine interest level. If this is your main means of communication then absolutely he should be messaging more, he has thumbs, he knows now to reach you. If he's not making every effort then definitely time to reconsider things with him.

    • hm well, i see him usually every week and i feel like he is still interested in me in person. is there such thing when a person likes to talk to the person in person rather than text? im not sure shouldn't you be talking to the person you like via social media/text as well?

  • In my opinion, it's poor manners and I always feel I don't matter to that person if they take forever to respond all the time.
    I've sort of gotten used to it though, because apparently EVERYONE is like this nowadays. There are only a few people like me, that I've known, that go ahead and respond if they're not busy.

    • yeah hey i always reply when i get messages, maybe is cause he's a boy

    • I really don't know... the women I've known have had just as much trouble with it as the men I've known, haha! I always have a really hard time getting people to respond to me. Then, I get messages from them asking why I'm being so antisocial because I'm not messaging them anymore, haha! Oh, the irony...

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