Dating MILFS, 1st time ever in my life?

So keeping story short.. Im a root canal specialist well becoming one, so I nade a root canal on this 14 year old child. ANd met her mother which was not a 10 but diffenetely a 9-8. So in dicemeber se sent me messages like happy faces and saying gelo and so on, 4 days later the same. and now.. 3 or 4 months after that che found me on FB. So I was like "ok, shw might be interested in Me" So we started chating and yes, he likes me And I like her too, I think she is hot so Im taking her on a date tomorrow. Taking her eat jap food, and then some drinks.. How should I play this? Like this is my new dream "dating a MILF" OMG, im 28 and she is 34

any suggestions?

uhmmm any advice!! my date is tomorrow EFF


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  • Try to have a back and forth conversation. Find a topic you both like and talk about it. Ask a few questions about her and listen to her replies. Then say something about yourself that ties it all together.


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