Boyfriend help!! what does he mean by this? (read description) asking guys mostly?

so my boyfriend of seven months sometimes says or does things that i dont really understand what he means. can anyone help with any or all of them?
1. when we make out he sometimes says "I just want all of you"
2. he sometimes kisses me extremely forcefully and its uncomfortable
3. he looks down for a second when we kiss, like multiple times
4. he doesn't like to talk about past relationships
5. he likes to take off my shirt but he rarely feels me up


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  • Wow, girl, it`s pretty obvious he wants to make sweet love to you!

    1. He wants what he said - All of you. He wants to have sex with you.
    2. He probably doesn`t realize he is too forceful. Just tell him to ease up a little.
    3. If he looks down (I`m presuming he looks to your breasts), he may be trying to make a move and get you to bed.
    4. Maybe it is just too awkward for him to discuss former relationships. Don`t push him too hard.
    5. I believe he is trying to make you horny, but he is either too shy or afraid of rejection. Also, yeah, as DodgersGM said - He likes to see your breasts!

    Conclusion: He wants to have sex with you! When you feel ready, go for it! ;D


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  • 1. Sounds like his way of saying that he desires you sexually and wants to have sex with you. Or it could mean that he is attracted to all aspects of you (mind, body and spirit).
    2. He's probably trying to show you that he likes you, but he doesn't realize that the force is uncomfortable for you.
    3. No clue. Could mean anything, but it likely doesn't mean much.
    4. He could be doing it out of respect for your feelings, or he just has bad relationships in the past that he doesn't care to discuss. Hard to know for sure.
    5. He likes looking at you topless! Not sure why he doesn't touch... maybe he's just more excited by the visual aspect.

  • Well, I think you might realize he is really in love with you. You majorly turn him on. I get that way with kissing where I hold the back of her head and lean in when I kiss. I get overly excited. he is looking down at your body because he wants it. Why would you talk about past relationships unless there was a reason to? Don't understand about the feel you up part. Unless he thinks your uncomfortable with him doing it. he may just be respecting your boundries.


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