Kissed 2 guys and one happened to be my friends past crush?

i kissed 2 guys i think in the same hour lol their both my friends AND their friends aswell. one of them i kissed is just a player so idc but the other, my friend used to like him ages ago but he didn't like her back, so she moved on im scared that if she finds out she'll get mad at me :( what do i do


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  • I don't think their is much you can do. You have two choices you can either tell your friend before she finds out. Which might cause some drama and friction between you and her. And it's also possible if she takes it personal, that she may not want to talk to you or be yoru friend anymore. Or you can just let her find out on her own. Their is a small chance that she may not find out. To be honest I think you did nothing wrong because it wasn't like she was even dating him. Also you just kissed him it wasn't like anything else happen.

    • Yeah exactly they weren't dating, and I doubt she'd find out but who knows... Thanks!

    • Your very welcome.Yeah I agree it's a small chance she will find out.And they were not dating.Also thank you for selecting my answer as the most helpful.

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