Should I wait, or am I getting the run around?

I started talking to and hanging out with this girl when she was 8 months pregnant, baby daddy left her high and dry at month one. Neither of us were really looking for a serious deal, just someone to talk to and hangout with. We hit it off, and things began to become more serious. After she had her baby, she continued to say she didn't want anything serious, she needed to figure out how to be a good mom before bringing someone else in her life. She is very stressed; new single mom, full time job, no baby daddy to help. She has said things like you've done amazing things for my heart and my self esteem (baby daddy treated her horrible), I love having you in my life, your an amazing man... But she said she needs some tiem to figure things out. She is a sweet girl, and all her friends tell me the same thing, and so do my friends. She said that she hopes when she is ready to date, im the man for her.. should I wait, or is she stringing me along>


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  • I have a ruleof not dating single mothers but I'll try to give an unbiased input. Well she's already stated that she's got no time for a relationship right now because she wants to be a mom and not bring around strange men near the kid understandable. Myquestions is will she ever be ready and how long are you willing to wait until that moment has happened to her? You've become an ideal of what a man should be to her and she may really like you but it could be just that you're an example an ideal, you've given her hope that there is still good guysout there but it maynot be you in the that sweeps her off her feet because I think you guys are acting a tad bit too much like friends and inadvertently might just get stuck there because that's how shelikes you. Now I don't think she's leading you on, she's said her intentions its all up to you now. Are you going to stay and wait or are you going to leave? I've been here and done this and that, another serious question to ask yourself is her kid is her number one priority are you willing to be number 2? Either choice bro I hope you pick the one that is FOR you and no one else good luck I hope I've helped even if it is alil bit.


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  • She is being honest with where she is right now. If she was stringing you along she wouldn't even share what she is feeling. Do I think you should wait around to date her? No. Who knows when she will be ready to date with a new baby in the picture. Its such a responsibility and things are harder for her since the father is not in the picture. Be her friend. Be there for her. But don't decide to wait for her to be ready to date. Because when she is ready, there is a possibility that her person of choice, is not you. Dont put all of your eggs in one basket. Good luck.

    • Very good advice, there is always a possibility that I am not the man who will end up with her no matter how much I wanna be. Should I back off and let her figure things out?

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    • I agree it is about me processing the situation, but also its about whether I wait around for her to be ready to date... or if that is even what she wants, or was just giving me a line to be nice to me, when in all reality she lost feelings for me

    • Those points you brought up are important as well.

  • you should wait for her and stick by her side

    • I told her I will be a friend to her, and stick by her and help her fight her battles. She seemed very appreciative of this. She also doesn't text me as much as she used to, she said that its easier to be just friends if we don't talk every day, bc when she talks to me everyday, it just builds more feelings for me... is this ok?

    • yeah awwww once again a very nice sweet guy and a girl doesn't wanna stick with him like seriously ... well ur a good guy ik a lot of girls will be lucky to have you

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