What to say to women you like?

How can I get a gf when I'm scared to talk to women? How do I know when it's ok to approach them and what do I say to them? Thanks


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  • You just talk to them like you would talk to any human being.

    • But I want to attract them so it's different then talking to a guy cuz I want her to be my gf

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    • Nope. I have a feeling you're going to have an excuse for everything I say.

    • I only said one thing

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  • "Hello. How are you?", approach when they are in the pack at the party, your odds are greatly variable, but reality dictates that if you approach but then don't attempt to stick around her girlfriends, if approving, will pressure her your way. There's also no rejection since there's no confrontation, just suggestion of interest, but it is a matter of patience. One at a time every few minutes.

    • What if she says not interested?

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    • So How Do I Know If I'm Worthy Of Approaching?

    • You don't. Now celebrate and just do it!