Which one should i choose?

Hey so here's the thing, i kinda like 3 guys (hey im just crushing;)) and here's the thing I like the first one (lets call him Cameron). We have a lot in common and I've liked him for 2 years but he's a senior and im a sophmore so he'll be leaving soon and he's never really showed an interest in me but i REALLY like him and we are casual friends. The second lets call him Ivan is nice and sweet (also a senior) but he doesn't go to my school but we Skype all the time and he's really nice and likes talking to me but we have nothing in common (including religion, music interests, and other things i care about). The third named Kris is nice and im friends with him. We see each other everyday and we talk because we are friends (but not really close friends, like with Cameron though i know more about Cameron. He flirts and is a sophmore and good looking (they all are actually but Cameron is the best looking, and then Kris, and then Ivan). so which one should i choose? and how to get them?

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just FYI, Ivan and Cameron have girlfriends but both are long distance/ not super close (not that id want to break them up, just a factor to consider)
when i said Cameron never shows and interest in me, i mean he has been kinda flirty sometimes but he is a kinda flirty person anyway


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  • I'd go with Ivan solely for the fact that he is different from you. You're young and if you want to find your identity, it would be a good experience to try to form a connection with a person you perceive to be so different from you.
    Also he doesn't go to your school which is a plus. Your education should come first right now and frankly, you're too young to be in too serious of a relationship. The distance will ensure novelty, fun and a period of coolness in your life, that in teenage years, you will desperately need.

    • the only thing is that he is really different, like religion which is a big thing to me and music which is something im also really passionate about. Sometimes we'll even get into little squabbles about it

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  • Cameron sounds awesome but ur going to have to work for it

  • you must prefer 1 to the others pick that 1


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