Help me read between the lines!?

I met Dan about two months ago over Tinder by accident. We started chatting on there and moved to texting on a daily basis, with him always starting the conversations and ending it at the end of the night. At first, I wasn't interested in him but as we talked, I started to like Dan more and more. We eventually became Facebook friends. Our first meeting took place about three weeks after we started talking to each other at a hockey game. The chemistry was there and he was super genuine. He lives an hour away from me and on the way to meet him, I was nervous. I made it clear that I was willing to hang out and see what happens later. That next week, he called and asked if he can take me on a proper date and I obliged. We would hang out for the next six weeks by taking turns visiting each other. I really started to like him. About a week and a half ago, we spent it at his place with takeout and a movie. Things got hot and heavy out of nowhere. Right when we were about to get busy, he stopped and said to me (paraphrased), "I'm really sorry, but I'm not ready for a relationship right now. I don't know what I want. I like you and it really scares me." Completely dumbfounded, I assured him that not wanting to get serious was fine and I am happy to just roll with it and that I also really liked him. For the rest of the night, I stuck around to watch a TV show and we took about five minutes saying goodbye and he apologized for the embarrassment that happened earlier. He sent me a good night text as I drove home. He left on vacation two days later and we haven't been talking the way we used to. I am by no means a clingy person but I really do like him. I handled this as best as possible. He's reached out to me since he's returned but then his responses have been short along with work being crazy. I understand, I'm a busy lady myself. Is this his way of pushing me away? What's going on? I feel I may already know the answer but any insight would be greatly appreciated!

I will also add that there is a 10 year age gap between us, if that makes any difference. I've asked him before if this bothered him and he says he doesn't even notice it.

Any insight would be great. Thanks!


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  • he could just be genuinely scared of a relationship at this point and could be taking the time to sort things out in his head. i don't know the exact time frame of this, but if its just been a couple days, then i'd say you still have a chance with him.

    • if the age gap doesn't bother him and it doesn't bother you, i wouldn't worry.

    • Definitely could be the case. The lack of regular contact has been about a week. He'd text me a bit throughout this trip and he reached out to me when he returned and there have been a lack of responses on his end. I'll keep that in mind and sit on this for a while. Thank you!

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