So there is this guy, i have known him for about three years..?

Okay so there is this guy. I first started talking to him when i was a sophomore and he was a senior. We were flirty, almost dated, but i was young and nieve.. so time went on and i cut him out of my life.. but started to talk to him again a little bit last year, and now again this year. Last week he asked for my number on Facebook , but i ignored him kind of. I want to give it to him now, but i don't want to seem needy or desperate. What should i do to talk to him, i don't want him to be mad at me...

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Oh & he has a kid now. Kind of weird.


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  • A: find out if he's worth talking with

    • sometimes we go around in circles, return to favorite things/people when the diversions don't pan out

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  • just give it to him. he was interested at that time and there hasn't been much between then and now. he is probably still interested. just be truthful and say you regretted not giving him your number.