High school friend texting me all of a sudden?

A guy I only had in one of my classes, didn't really even know too well (only spoke a couple of times), has recently started texting me out of the blue... like 5 years later. We were kind of friends back then because we had mutual friends, but never really that close. Anyways, he has been texting me lately now that I'm out of town and talking about getting back with his ex and that he values having "somebody nice like you (me) to talk to". He also tells me to "text him sometime!" whenever he has to go..
Why is he all of a sudden trying to create some sort of friendship? Should I be worried or is he just being nice?


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  • it is odd that he started texting you out of nowhere. i don't think he is just being nice because he could've just never started talking to you. he wants something from you, whether its information about someone or that he likes you. he could just have talked about getting back with his ex to see how you'd react.

  • You've become more attractive in his eyes for some reason. Maybe you've lost weight, maybe you've changed your hair color.. NOT SURE.. but tread lightly because I have a hunch that it's purely physical.. Does he have you on a social networking site of any kind? Maybe he's noticed your transformation and wants a piece as you now suite his tastes? physically speaking...

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