Which version of this girl is more datable - good girl or party girl?

I though this be an interesting question to ask , there is this girl that I know and trying to figure out which version of her would be more datable , I think I already know the answer but though poll be fun. anyways she is a short but good looking brunette , with a nice body and nice boobs , no tats but has some ear piercings and belly pierced. friendly personality and such , going to university . for poll both girls are the same person in terms of appearance , education and personality.

so which girl would you rather date if guy or think make better gf.

girl 1 - good girl , goes out but only social drinker , mostly friends with other girls her age and doesn't know many guys , job as swim instructor at local pool , only have sex if in serious relationship

girl 2 - party girl , out every weekend and a heavy drinker , friends with other party girls and has meet lots of other guys at bars/ parties , job is serving beer as bev cart server at golf course , potential to be somewhat permiscuous but mostly just goes out to party and may or may not be sexual active yet

so yeah which version of this girl would you rather date? or thoughts on this

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  • party girl
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  • either are just as good
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  • neither interest me
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  • It's a double edged sword. I like the good girls but they could change later on and regret that they never "lived life to the fullest" or some other hogwash.

    Meanwhile the bad ones get it out of their system quickly... but who knows? You know the old adage, "you can't turn a ho into a housewife"

    • but for poll assume she stays the same for time being and that's girls you'd be dating. I do agree some girls seem to change at this age from good to not so good and live life to the fullest or craziest possible and do things they might regret later on.

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    • Now now don't jump to conclusions, man. Good women are few and far between but they are around. Are you a subject of the Crown? Well, one thing you should know is that we're facing the same odds you are. I think the issue is Western, Liberal Women.

    • I'm not sure what the problem is with these girls or this age range in general , they seem to have lost interest in formal dating but still want to have a bf. they don't see that to get there you need to date a few different guys to find a good fit. they don't really want to give many guys much of a chance and seem more into partying and drinking as a way to meet people but then don't find anything serious through those means. this girl is just one example of many who could of been very datable and desirable but have lost there way , still very sexy but gradually losing appeal as gf material.

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  • wow all good girl votes, wife'in material.

    • good girl I agree is a keeper but party girl is like what garbage? not worth my time for sure until she comes to he senses and looking for something serious if I'd even want her by then as who knows what she's been up to

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    • well true many party girls sleep around and run the risk of getting an std unfortuently there common at that age from what I have read.

    • you are right.

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  • I'm into my good girls, case of habit.