Does he even care??

My boyfriend has a horrible habit of calling me while he's talking to people around him. So I answer the phone and he's having a conversation already. I'm like why don't you wait until your done? Then he speaks to me and then I try to answer or tell him about something different and he isn't listening he continues to talk to whoever is around him! WTF!?!?! Does he even care or what? How do I make him stop?


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  • next time you speak to him, tell him very causally " you know what irks me? when you answer the phone, even when your smack dab in the middle of another conversation, I mean com'on, you've got to be kidding me. Are you that desperate for attention? I get it, I get it, you're a cool guy, every one wants to talk to you. But do me a favor and spare me from your adolescence. I love talking to you, but I really don't care about what you have to say to tom, dick and harry. Uggggh Rude!" If you say this in a charming way, as to not to be harsh, but to definitely get your point across, I'm sure he'll comply. but you have to use your own words.

    im a sarcastic b*tch, and everyone knows this about me, but they love me for it, because that's who I am. so I would say the above statements, but in a joking way. you'll know how to put it in your own words and with your own tactics, but definitely say something. I also thought Shlei3's comment was a pretty good idea.

  • I hang up on people when they do this to me. When they call back and ask why I did it I tell them that I am happy to talk to them as long as they have the decency to talk to me instead of carrying on another conversation at the same time.

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