Girls any advice on how to make my injury time up to my girlfriend?

So Ladies I hurt my knee pretty badly during a ski accident back in November and have been pretty much hospital and later on housebound since.

It's slowly getting better and I can walk again with crutches.

My girl is really annoyed by my inability to do more with her than just staying in and watching movies, playing games, cooking etc. so to make it up to her I want to do something nice for her so she won't be so bored by our relationship.

Do you ladies have any suggestions / what would make you happy in her situation?

thanks so much :)


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  • Um she's annoyed at you? You have a busted knee and she has busted priorities. As someone who was out for six months because of an achilles tendon injury I feel your pain. You can't do like you're used to doing and that sucks. Back to your question...

    Honestly, if I were your girlfriend I'd be trying to make you as comfortable as possible while trying to have the best time with you as I could. I'd also take into consideration your current condition before I got "annoyed" with "just staying in and watching movies, playing games, cooking etc." I'm annoyed at her for making you feel like you need to do something. Earth to nice guy! You've BEEN doing things. I just quoted them! Hope I helped.


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  • I gotta ask wtf is her problem that she can't be patient with you since you're in this predicament? If she's getting "bored" she's an asshole, sorry.

    What you listed that you already do seems adequate enough. I think the problem here is her, not you. Talk about self absorbed and the lack of empathy.

  • I totally understand where she is coming from. My bf broke his foot so he has crutches and its difficult to go anywhere. Its frustrating not being able to do things that you would normally do, but try to make her understand that its only temporary and you'll be back on your feet in no time.

    A few indoor activities:
    Board/card games
    Video games
    Arts and crafts

  • I agree with the other comments that have been posted. The last thing she should be with you is annoyed! She needs to step back and imagine if it were her in the situation. She would want someone that was there for her and didn't mind taking it slow while she recovered.
    You only need to do what you are capable of right now to ensure a better recovery, so honestly I wouldn't change anything. It sounds like you are still being a great boyfriend to her and making time for her. at least you are doing something. I wouldn't stress too much.


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  • If she truly loved you, then you shouldn't have to make too much effort to make her happy. You're injured, she should understand that. When you're healed and able to do things a little bit more freely, do something for her. Maybe spend a day or two at a romantic spot. Do something you both enjoy.

    For the time being, the little things count. Text her sweet things, maybe get your creative juices flowing by making her something, do something that doesn't involve you having to be on your feet, etc.

  • She's annoyed that you got injured and are recovering from it? Wow...

    Honestly man, based on this little snippet of info you've given us I'd reassess the situation and wonder if this relationship is good for you. Last I checked partners and SO's should be there for you in your time of need... she shouldn't be annoyed that you're recovering.