A doctor gave me her cell phone number? Does that mean she's interested or just being a good doctor?

i came in for a minor incident and told her what happened? I told her I just came in this morning from vacation and she herself went there a couple of weeks ago. she asked me more a little more about my trip and that was it. I found her attractive, but I don't know how she feels.im in my mid 20's and she's in her early 30s. could this be a little sign that she's interested?

she gave me a business card of the hospital, with all the info. fax ,phone number and address. then she gets a pen writes her cell number and told me to call her anytime for questions regarding my minor incident.


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  • Uhm - I am in medical school and yea - I wldnt just give out my cell # to random men that came in the ER. So, I'd say - go for it son! lol


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  • Unfortunately, probably not. However you could call and tell her how its going and see if there are any more cues. Do you see her much, cause if she's not your regular doc, what would it hurt if you asked her to get a drink sometime?

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