Boyfriend is acting weird HELP?

We've been going out for a month and he left his girlfriend to be with me. He hasn't changed his default on Facebook to us. But he posts picturesof us. He changed his default quickly when he was with her. And he hasn't introduced me to one of his really close friends and they have been friends for a long time. His mom doesn't like me and his dad doesn't either from what I heard): HELP ME

And his friends don't like me with him. One of his friends said I wasn't his type and I'm wasting my time. I tried to tell him about it but he just laughed and said don't worry they're stupid.I look nothing like the girls he liked and don't compareex
don't compare to the ex.


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  • he could b doing that because hedoesnt want the publicity from his parents


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  • have you met his parents? one of my boyfriends exes acted the way your boyfriend does and it ended up that she was ashamed of being seen with him. she told him the same thing too. i really hope that isn't the case with you.

    • I met his parents they were nice but I could tell they didn't like me.

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