6 dates and nothing but short kisses... What's up with him?

I have been hanging out with a guy (40 years old) for 6 dates. We have a great time during our dates and we flirt a lot. At the bar he will touch my back, my leg and whisper in my ear and even drop some general sexual comments. But then he just walks me home and kisses me goodnight (short kiss).

Why not more? He obviously is attracted to me or we wouldn't be going out on the 6th date and he wouldn't be trying to touch me.

Why hasn't he invited me over or why haven't we made out?


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  • just be patient, but if you really want it, then just tell him.

    • Well, the last time he walked me home (6th date), he didn't even kiss me goodnight!

    • You should tell him that then, say "HEY, I want to make out with you right here and now, and if you say no, WE ARE SOOOO OVER!!"

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  • He might just be taking it slowly. Maybe if you don't kiss him that might be why because he doens't one to be the only one


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  • Maybe he is waiting on you. Before he says bye on your next date initiate the make out yourself.

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