What is my deal? Whenever I meet a guy, I guess I get attached too quickly.

Whenever I meet a guy, I guess I get attached too quickly. I don't mean like I am saying I love them on the third date or am in love right away. I just really like them a lot and want to spend time with them, and I guess it freaks them out when I say "you're a good guy, I like you." and when I say I like them, I mean I like them as much as I like something I have tried for the first time in life. was wondering if the guys can help try to put some ideas out there on what a girl does or says that would send them running. thanks


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  • I want to know that a girl likes me and that she'll make time for me.

    But on the other hand, it can be weird if it seems like she's expecting me to be the center of her life when we barely know each other. Often, I think girls want to see guys *way* too much in the early stages of dating. I think one of two dates a week is fine, for the first month or two, with a few other contacts by phone or email. Note that I said, "a few" -- if a girl texts or calls too much, that's a huge red flag for me. I have other interests and other obligations, and I need time to evaluate the relationship.

    If I think that she has long-term potential, I don't expect sex before we've dated at least a few months. Are these guys possibly losing interest after they have sex?

    Hope all this helps...

  • I think the problem is in your use of language. The phrase you use up there sounds like something their male friends would say. Try and act feminine and use phrases like "I have really strong feelings for you" if that is something women ever say. Or perhaps "I'm glad I have found a man as nice and funny as you". And of course don't try to impose yourself to excessively into their lives.

    • Very feminine, thank you

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