We haven't kissed or anything!

So I've been going out with my girlfriend for almost a year and we haven't kissed or anything. I know that she wants to and I do to but I really don't know how. it would be my first kiss and I really don't know how to kiss her. can I have some advice please?


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  • Well , Some advice that I have it , just take it slow , don't rush , or don't try anything you or herself is not comfortable with. Since this is your first kiss , I would say just take it as it comes , meaning don't plan stuff out , because when the time comes to actually kissing her , your not going to think of anything that you have read , it will just come naturally. Go with what you think , It's natural , and it will be a very special moment , soo don't worry , take it slow and you should be fine.

    I remember my first kiss , I read a lot of things on the internet / In magazines , and just from friends , and then come to the actual kiss , I never thought of anything that they said , eccept that the kiss just came naturally . & They were right , It actually worked.

    After , when your like used to kissing and you have done it more often , you will sometimes think of other ways you could make the kiss more spontaneous , but the first kiss , is usually simple , and just comes naturally. Hope tht helps.

  • First, are you absolutely sure you're "dating"? (And she doesn't just see you as a friend!) If you ARE definitely dating, my advice for the first kiss is to keep it soft and gentle. (No tongue.) Nothing fancy. Not too much pressure. Just sweet and nice. (You can practice on your hand, first if you want!) Make it brief, but if you want, add a couple more short soft kisses before pulling away. If getting started is a problem, you can always ask her if it would be okay first. (She'll think it's sweet.) If you really HAVE been dating for this past year, you have nothing to worry about--you know she already likes you! Good luck!


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