Did I badger him? what should I do?

you guys said some of you thought I might have badgered/forced my boyfriend to date me. I'm sure I didn't force him to do anything.

I felt so guilty that I talked to him about it. I explained id never want to badger him into doing anything he wasn't ready for. He explained asking me out was taking a risk I guess, but implied that he was ready for the risk.

he says he is happy and hopes things don't change badly. He said everything was fine and I didn't need to worry. towards the end he said I didn't make him do anything..and I hope that's true.

Before he asked me out he explained he did see me as a girlfriend, he does like me, and wouldn't treat me the way he does if he was using me, and gave examples.

i still feel guilty. I don't know what to do or think. I never meant to badger him and I even told me we could go back and wait until he is ready, but he said things were fine.But I want things to be more than fine. I want him to do what he wants and I expressed that to him.


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  • Whatever you're feeling, it's not guilt.

    Guilt is when you've done something wrong, but haven't made amends or if what you did is difficult or impossible to make up for. You apologized if he felt hurt by what you did, and he said he never felt hurt or badgered. Problem solved.

    By trying to make things "better than fine," you actually run the risk of making things worse. Just let it go! Move on with the relationship, and be happy you have a good guy in your life.


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  • so if he looks at you as a girlfriend anyway... why worie? let it go. the worst thing you can do is keep it in and doubt that he is happy when he really is and then have the whole relationship built on guilt and end in heartache for the both of you. if its still bothering you then talk to him about it once more but delicately. don't go pitty parting because guys don't like that. well good luck!



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