What happens if you delete and restart Tinder?

Will people who have blocked you show up on your potential matches again since it's a clean slate (technically)?


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  • I have done this like 5 or 6 times in the last month. I thought I was ready, then changed my mind. I was so hurt about finding out my ex wife had cheated on me a the end of our marriage I decided to try and just hook up. by the next day I knew that wasn't me and deleted it. I finally figured out what I wanted and posted it. 3 days later I matched with someone that had common friends from Facebook . The next day we had our first date at the gym...just came from our 3rd date in 4 days with one planned for tomorrow and Sunday. I am crazy about her. She seems crazy about me. It is going awsome..

    • sorry, got off track. I was just trying to say it isn't just a hookup app.
      but when you delete it, it was like you never existed on it. your fair game for everyone again.

  • If you delete your account and re-create it, it will be like you never swiped anybody. If you log out or delete the app, it will keep everything as is.


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