'Am i wrong here? really don't feel like contacting her again...?

So meet this amazing girl awhile back. Went out a few times and had a blast. We had sex a few times and honestly think that's all she was interested in. I tried chatting with her a few times recently and well...it's like pulling teeth. It takes her like a day to respond to calls and texts with short generic reply's. It's been 4 days and i'm certain I've been blown off. Am i overreacting? 'cause i'm moving on. Thoughts? I live a block away from where she works and i'm certain i'm going to ' run into her.


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  • Move on she sounds like an ass


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  • I don't think you are wrong. She is the one who stopped contacting you first so don't stress and just move on. Someone who plays games isn't worth it. There is no wrong in not wanting to be toyed with.


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  • Move on. If she's interested shell find you. Let her play her games without you.

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