Hey please answer... should i text him?

hey so I've known this guy for 2 years but we're not close friends (though recently i went to his house for a party. I've only texted him recently but mostly about stuff like if we had practice after school or something. he has a girlfriend and he doesn't like me like that i dont think (we're not in the same grade either) but i wonder can i text him? and how about what? guys would you get annoyed in ths situation?

hey so i texted him kinda late last night and he didn't respond until this morning, guys would you still text or find it awkward that it was the next day? I just said what u up to?


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  • Sure, you can text him if you want. However, what exactly is your motive behind it? Do you just want to be friends with him or are you looking for potentially more? Because since he has a girlfriend, it's doubtful that he'll want to talk to you all of the time. But he probably wouldn't be annoyed unless you constantly texted him.

    • I've had a crush on him but the girlfriends been there for a few months. I would like to go out with him but at the very least id like to be his friend. But weve never been very close so I don't know

    • Well, I don't think you should intrude on their relationship but I think it's fine to just send him a friendly text every now and then.

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