I don't know how my date went/should I text him?

So we've been texting for a few weeks and he asked me out for a drink so we met up around 6 & had a few beers/talked. Whole thing lasted around 2 hrs and I had a good time but not good at reading men. Think I might have messed up a few times at the beginning when he put me on the spot to make conversation and I was nervous so i gave dumb answers. But for the most part the convo flowed well. And also when the bill came I forgot to do the whole pretend to reach for your wallet thing, I just got kinda awkward, even though he reached for the bill right away. Anyway at the end he asked me what I was doing later and I said I was going out with my friends. He said he was too and told me to text him so we can possibly meet up later. I said I would but somehow I don't think I should because I think it's too soon we just hung out and I don't want to seem desperate/give wrong idea bc I won't sleep with him. On the other hand I do want to see him again so I don't want him to think I'm not interested. Should I text him later tonight? What should I do if I ignore him tonight, text him tomorrow? Not at all?

  • Text him where I'm at later tonight
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  • Dont text then he will wander what he did wrong


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  • Gosh! Quit overthinking the issue and text him right now. You said you don't want to sleep with him, and if that's your posture with most casual meetings get ready for rejection and learn to live with it--that's something all guys have to learn. You are sociable because you two talked and had a good time, it seems. The next time, however, since you are not in a sexual way, you must promptly pay the bill! so he will know where you're coming from. Have a good evening!

  • He's obviously interested in you and being desperate would only matter if you were being too desperate. Texting him where you are won't look like that to him.

    Good luck !


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