If you are an attractive half white/half Hispanic woman would you date a black man?

I'm Generally speaking on black men from different cultures than African American ?


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  • Well am a latina girl and just a few weeks ago got approach by a black man , he is very cute and friendly, he said he likes me. I do too, but am curious about him , is my first time a black man feel attracted to me, he calls me , text me etc. I wonder why he isn't dating someone from his own race. Dont take it wrong , am not racist, to me we all the same creatures, just different colors and cultures. It makes me wonder Why he interest it in me, i know out there is so many beautiful black girls, so why a latina girl? And i dont see nothing wrong dating a black man , as long as he respect me and loves me.

    • I honesty know how you feel. Its all about the beautiful personality that you expose. Yes there are beautiful black women but most of them have the ugliest personality compared to other women but not all. Trust me, I personally have bad experiences with black females when I was in high school, work and on public. They are usually mean, conceited , rude, selfish and vile. For example when I open the door for women like a gentleman, black women are likely not to give a feedback. Also when used to approach them, they give me those mean facial expression like if I really disrespected them and when I start being nice to them, black females take my kindness for granted. Did I forget to black women treat their good men like crap. That explains why some educated black men are most likely to date interracially to due the hideous mentality of most black women have.

    • He said he likes me because am cute and act like a lady. I dont curse or talk like some black women do, they talk like a man.I respect his point of view, each one of us has them. Still am amazed that after all the beautiful black girl's , he likes me and we been talking for almost 4months. Very happy about it.

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  • Why is that the combination of a girl you want? (out of curiousity)

    My guess is pretty slim because every Latina I see is with a Latino.

  • I am honestly not attracted to any black males or Asians even if they had white features, I can appreciate their aesthetics say that they're attracted but not enticing enough to date. I also don't like pretty boys. I like men who look like jesus with the long hair and beard, the rugged hippie look lol I think it has to do with partly with who you surrounded yourself as a kid. I grew up with a bunch of white/jews/hispanic kids. I don't even like hispanic guys that much and I'm hispanic. I'm not into the whole blonde hair/blue eyes beach boy look, but I do prefer European/some Arabian/Native American men. I use to feel bad about it, I also had one black guy say I was racist because I rejected him but also he was ghetto as fuck -__- but anyway there's some guys who are only attracted to Asian woman, does that make them racist? People have their preferences you can't blame them. Some guys like big around girls over skinny/slim women. Personality conquers all but still you have to be attracted to the person some how.

  • i wouldint...y do you always ask this?

    maybe you come off thirsty for anything not black and non black girls get turnned off buy that..

    i know i once i got asked out by a "black guy" and he told me that he only dates white girls..i was soo discusted by that i said NOO

    date someone from your own race, get used to girls, build some sefl asteem then maybe try, and plus

    i go to uni and there are TON or "black girls" that are soo hot , i get jealous of that and there bodies..whats wronge with you!!!

    • Actually I'm open to other races of women as well , but the problem with black women is their personalty which is a turn off for me. That's why I don't fell attracted to them as I'm with other races. There is always pros and cons with all races of women but I find a black woman mentality to be hideous compared to others. If America is such a free country, why should people be forced to stick with their own kind. I really despises that idea. I would love to women that's open minded that's all.

    • You encounter too many if the same black females don't generalize based on that...all black girls are in fact different I'm not defending because I am but because I know they are, there are some ratchets and there are very classy, elegant educated black women who carry themselves as such but saying your turned off by the race you are is insult not only to all blacks but your parents and so on, smh it's a shame..

    • exactyly what @shottagyal said..

      maybe you hang out with "ratchet girls" thats your problem and you shouldint generalize them on that

      my "black" friends are awsome. you just have personal issuies about black women and honestly based on that i wouldint even recomend you to my black OR white friedns,,

      or maybe your just not attractive..looks DO matter you know? they obiously do for you!

  • 20% Likely.


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  • Just because someone likes a certain race other than their own doesn't mean that they'll like another race (s). I'm white and hopelessly attracted to Hispanic women but not that attractive to other races. Nothing against those races, it's just what appeals to me. Some girls are going to be that way.