i need a guys opinion on this texting business?

hey guys, just wondering, when you dont reply to a girls text, is it cause you dont want to talk to them, find them annoying etc etc or like you are busy. im speaking this in snap chat terms, the guy im dating opens my snap chats, well rarely he won't reply, but today he didn't reply, i don't know i may be reading too much into this.


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  • Reading too much into it. Be patient. :) there could be a million diff reasons he hasn't texted back. Don't worry until there is something to worry about :)


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  • It goes both ways. Why would you not reply to him?

    • i always reply

    • Yeah but if you wouldn't, what would be the case?

    • if im having a shit day, or just dont want to talk to anyone in general, if i want space, tired, annoyed at something, busy with uni work, busy with work stuff like that

  • be patient, Im not into snapchat. I like old fashioned texting, no viber, or whatever crap they got.


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