Does he want a kiss and what should I do with my first kiss?

Hi, I think I just got a boyfriend who I met four months ago. I asked him if we are boyfriend girlfriend but he said that we don't need to ask, it'll just happen.

Recently he's been talking about kissing and hugging but I only hugged him once and I was awkward about it. I jokingly said, 'I wonder what your reaction would be if I said that I'll give you a hug if you cut your hair?', as he had hair that was long and could be tied up. So he did cut his hair but said that he'll add to that deal and I should give him a kiss.

I'm not sure what type he is expecting and if he is joking or he really does want a kiss.

Also, do people take mints or chewing gum if you think you might kiss later on?
What was it like? I'm a bit scared.

I am not completely sure if I do love him but I feel that he is really close and I like him a lot.
Thank you for reading.


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  • Why don't you kiss? Do you not like it?
    I can understand if a woman holds off on kissing. I can even understand not kissing on the first date, though that seems kinda bad. but after that why? I would be wondering what the problem was. I would think she must not be into me if she is not kissing me. you should be making out like crazy

    • Maybe she has never been kissed before.

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    • ahh yes haven't kissed before :p Also I'm worried that he will think of me differently after it like he didn't like it and how I should act.
      Do you think that people dating usually kiss after the first date? Also I wish to hide from other people that we are close. Is that a bad?

    • There is nothing wrong with kissing. It is as innocent as it gets. You are not going to have any stigma attatched like you could with sex and the wrong people. It is fun. If you have a full date like dinner and/or movie or something similar i think that if you hit it off he should get at least a kiss goodnight. No guy is going to "not like" kissing. It doesn't have to be making out but doesn't have to be a tiny peck either. If it is just a quick coffee to get to know each other then maybe wait. But makeing out is a lot of fun. Fairly innocent. I highly recommend it 👍

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  • I don't know if he is expecting a kiss, but he wants one. Love or not, you seem to care enough about him to kiss him. And something to freshen your breath beforehand would be wise.

    • Do guys like to kiss? He mentioned that he doesn't hug people much and doesn't like to be touchy feely but then he talks about these things so it seems that he wants to?
      Thank you for your advice :)

    • Most guys like (or love) to kiss. A kiss can be so important in sharing feelings. It can be so emotional. And it can also be very erotic. I love kissing and most other guys do, also.

  • Always keep your dental hygiene on top, that way you don't have to think about it.

    He's expecting a kiss inside of a ring of lain out pokémon cards. We're talking those shiny metallic cards too, you better bring your A-game.

    • I have not ever gotten a kiss surrounded by the rarest holographic Pokemon cards so I guess I should leave my partner, lmao :D

    • Ah thank you for your opinion.
      haha pokémon is awesome but I don't know if he likes it :p

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  • He does want a kiss, definitely. I'm guessing you are both shy about it since he hasn't made a move yet either. It's okay to just let it happen, I hate when people rush into things so quickly because they think that's what they need to do to keep the relationship going. I think it's good that you're waiting and neither of you has gotten super upset over it.

    I did not kiss until I was 21 and my first kiss came very unexpectedly so I wasn't prepared. I think for you, it's good to have fresh breath. Try not to use tongue, or too much of it, and just feel each other out. When you are in a private spot together, just grab him into a hug and kiss him.

    • Thank you for your advice. I think we both are kind of holding back as we don't want other people to know and also I think he is holding back for me too.

      Ahh I get kinda nervous thinking about that. haha

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