Am I just his text buddy or will he be back?

I had been dating a guy for about a month and a half, 5 dates. Great connection all around. On our last date, I asked if he wanted to be exclusive, and he said no. I was surprised, since he had hinted he was interested in that on our previous date.

I was disappointed, and I said I'd need to think things over. I called him a few days later and said I was ok with continuing to date casually. He was pleased.

So, I asked if he wanted to get together to go to dinner and a movie. He said he'd need to check his schedule, and he'd be in touch. He is very busy with his kids and work.

He never accepted or declined my invitation to go out. We've just been texting back and forth every few days. He remembers things about my life and asks me about them, and sends me pictures of his friends and family. I feel we've gotten closer!

This has been going on for the past few weeks.

Please consider these questions. Thanks!

1. Should I text him and ask him out again, one last time? I don't want to pressure him and push him further away!

2. Should I wait for him to respond to my invitation from weeks ago?

3. Could he be scared and taking space to work things out, or am I on the back burner? He went through a painful divorce a few years ago, if that helps.

4. What's with the mixed messages?

4. Should I ignore his texts and move on?

He is so nice and we get along so well. I think if we spend more time together, even dating casually, we can really see if this will work. It's like he isn't giving it a chance. But I can't wait forever and live on hope.


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  • I have a question for you. Are you really OK with casual dating or did you agree to it because it would be the only way to be with him? This is why I ask... be sure of what you're agreeing to because if you find in say another 5 dates that you want more a d he still doesn't then you are going to be in exactly the same position you're in now. We women hear what a man says but we dont really listen. We think that he'll change his mind or that just by being with us that will change it for them... wrong. I have always tried to use this philosophy when dating... it it's a deal-breaker or a red flag, I just end it before I become too emotionally involved. You two sound like you're not on the same page to begin with and you're just lowering (in this case eliminating it all togther) your standards/wants/needs in order to continue getting his attention. If I've read this wrong, I apologize. But this hits true, dont you think you deserve a man that agrees with you on the important things?


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  • Let him contact you if he wants to. You seem like a nice person, but I think he is still scorned..


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