Q mainly for girls. Are a lot of the guys online looking for girlfriends mainly video game addicts?

I was talking with a girl who I met online but never followed through with. She mentioned that a lot of the guys online were into video games and that she immediately skipped over all those profiles. She was very "anti-technology" so I figured she was extreme.

There was however another girl I met coincidentially from okcupid who claimed that all the guys online were gym junkies, but I figures she was only looking at the guys who were fit or something.

I have also met guys who feel too embarrassed to talk about video games in front of girls (probably because of how much they play). Like they'll keep trying to talk to me about video games but if a girl comes nearby they get very quiet all of a sudden or if the girl asks what's up he'll stop talking.

I've asked about this kinda stuff before but I am mainly just interested in knowing about the online profiles or if you've met any guys online who only like video games or if you've ever been on a date with someone who wouldn't stop talking about video games. I feel like when the girls mention the guys who like video games, it's like they feel the guy they bring up is a guy who is unemployed or on minimum wage living at home and that's all he does (and I have met such types before).


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  • I've met all sorts of guys online. I don't think there is any one kind.


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  • I added a favorite games section to my OKC profile and I've gotten messages from women whose intros were about games.

    Here's the thing: I also work out, go out at night, and enjoy other activities (like clubbing, playing table top games like D&D, and traveling abroad)

    Even though I consider myself a gamer above all else, I am not a one-trick pony. Don't be a one-trick pony and women will take more interest in you.

    And yes, I am currently unemployed... but I have two bachelors degrees and had work in the past (with a current prospect lined up). My friend claimed he joined a site just to look for women who wanted flings and got more sex than he ever had in any other time of his life despite being unemployed. These days lay-offs happen all of the time (especially in technology-related companies), so don't think too badly of sort term unemployment. It's a lot more common these days.