Good first date? I think...please help?

So I met a guy online, he's a med student, very stressed a month away from board exams. I am a grad student (busy with less stress). He just got through finals, and we set up a coffee date today. He bought me coffee, spent 2 hours with me, hugged me when he saw me. When we left we walked home together, (he lives about a block away from me). I asked him why he did the online thing, he said no time to meet people but not real sure he'd have time to date. I said I'd put up with it, the med school thing. He than insisted he had a great time with me, and asked if I met it. I said yes. I then said I'd be happy to be his study break for the next little while, and we exchanged numbers. He hugged me, and said HE'D TEXT ME. Then I ran into a mutual friend who asked me how it went, I told him, and he said let him know your serious just send him a quick text not to plan a date, just to let him know you met what you I did...He told me he had fun again, and I made a joke about how cute, he was and said I hoped it wasn't too forward. He insisted it wasn't, and that was that...

Here's my question...Is it likely he will text me? He said he would.

Should I consider this a good date?


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  • Sounded good to me. This is definitely one of those times where you need to sit back and stop stressing about it. If he is going to text you, he will. No point in sitting here wondering and worrying about it haha


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  • Put it out of your mind. The more you think about it the more you invest in him and the trick to great relationships is roughly equal emotional investment. Get busy with other things. You know he's busy so keep yourself occupied for a few weeks and see what happens.

  • YES
    but your friend's advice might have a bit of poison in it, hoping you'd come off as too forward/clingy, so the friend might still have his foot in your door. No more advice from him. You did great w/o the text.

    Better idea: IF he texts you back or better - another tete-a-tete - be sure to engrave in his brain the time/place you usually haunt should he pass by. Excellent reminders are store flyers, business cards, mini-menus, almost expired gift cards, etc.


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