Does this mean he only texts me when he's bored?

We've been dating for about 7 months now. I'm his first girlfriend. He plays basketball and has basketball games on the weekends. So he texted me "Hey! Watcha doing? (:" I didn't reply due to me being busy and he texts me again 7 minutes later saying "Mimiiiiiiiii. Talk to me. I'm bored as hell! Lol xD". So I texted him minutes later saying "Lol talk to ricky or play video games :P I'm at the mall with my cousins. I'll talk to you later k? (:" he replied "ok (:" . So I went to sit down at food court and texted him minutes later "Hola (:" he replied "Hola (: What you doing? (:" I replied "At food court u? (:" he replied "Watcha eating? :>" I said "Pizza P: What are you doing?" He said "Oh geez -_- pizza. I'm playing video games. How's it going at the mall? (:"

I asked him what videogame even though I don't play video games and he said I wouldn't know but I said I bet I do. He said that I don't even play video games but he could teach me haha

I asked if he is the type that would play video games for hours and he said yes when he isn't working at the ranch. I asked how long he played it today.
He said "I just got home from playing basketball an hour ago so I would say 20 minutes of playing videogames" I didn't reply after which he texted me minutes later "Mimi?". He is a gamer but I can't stop thinking about what he said "I'm bored as hell


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  • I'm actually a certified genius and i don't understand what the problem is... RESPOND TO HIM and maybe he won't be like that... hello?


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  • You're over thinking it. He just happened to text you that one time while bored. It doesn't mean anything negative at all.