How do you know if you're dating someone?

I've been talking to this guy since December . He's in Afghanistan right now but we talk almost every day and he says he likes me, he misses me, he can't wait to see me, he said he wouldn't mind driving 5 hours to see me over the summer if he needed to, he talks about us going on adventures and spending lots of time together when he's home, and I'm the only girl he's talking to and interested in. He wouldn't say this if he didn't mean it right? I feel like he is being genuine, but I'm not his girlfriend and I don't know if we're dating or not, like if it's implied that we're seeing each other even though it hasn't been said specifically...
I get scared because (1) I had a horrible break up in August and (2) he was talking to and seeing another girl in February but "apparently" he "chose" me over her. He's the first guy I have liked since the break up, and I'm terrified.


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  • I was very close to a girl over long distance, and I thought we were basically dating.. but whenever I would bring up the idea of making it official she would change the topic or make excuses as to why should couldn't do it, and they were silly and invalid excuses, and hurtful.. Things ended up going badly and ending quickly between us before anything officially started..

    Unless there is a mutual agreement between you, you two are NOT dating.. You are simply communicating affectionately. He could possibly get rid of you as quickly as he did the last girl.. If a guy has to "choose" then perhaps he is a player..

    I have personally had a single real girlfriend in my entire lifetime (20 years), when I pick a girl I mean it.. there is no "choosing" after that, I do not give up on who I choose. Just be careful.


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  • You both have to decide that, we can not determine for you

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