Even though I've been dating other guys, there's always this one in the background I want?

We met in high school and we were friends. We had a little bit of a thing that died off, where I think he stopped caring but I didn't. So I dated a few other boys and I still always want him and want to be a part of his life. He still doesn't care about me much except when he occasionally wants to flirt, but he's not keeping me on the hook because he doesn't know there is a hook and I tell him to cut it out even though I of course secretly want to flirt. Now I'm in a serious relationship that looks great on paper but doesn't feel like the one and I couldn't marry my boyfriend while holding this crush. Should I break up with my current boyfriend for a while to focus on this other guy?


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  • That's always going to happen. We are hardwired to be attracted to, and have feelings for others, not necessarily only the person one is with. Which is why there exists open and polyamorous relationships.

    Many relationships don't work out, competing feelings, attractions always crop up, depends on how strong the bond is currently between you two. You should understand these things, and take into account how you feel about him, and how much you're willing to be committed to him knowing these facts.

    You should thoroughly think this out and be honest with yourself, with your feelings about who your with currently, vs. this other guy. Additionally, you could always tell him how you feel. Honesty and openness are the keystones of a successful relationship.


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