Is she testing the waters? About a date?

So I've been talking with this girl on POF for about 3 weeks now, and we mostly message each other every day.. So I got around to saying to her that hopefully I will be lucky enough to go on a date with you. And her response was "hopefully" I don't know if that's good or not?

I wonder also when is the right time to give her my number.. I don't just hand that out at will. But I mean it's better then having to go back and forth on a website.


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  • It's not bad, obviously if you talk everyday she's interested. Ask her out and Be direct to so you can get a straight answer from her. 3 weeks of messaging is long, I think it's about time.

    • Yeah true about the 3 weeks, I was just curious the reason why I talked so long was to make sure she was interested.

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  • She's waiting on you to stop being a weenie and ask her out on a date. :P To be fair, she's also being a weenie for not just asking you instead. Stop being weenies! Ask her out. Sounds like that is what she's waiting on if you ask me.

    • Ha she said she is kind of shy and we both are so it's going to be interesting..

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    • You've been talking for 3 weeks.. you wouldn't be giving it out too easy. Give it to her, and ask her out and have a plan when you do. "How would you feel about going to do _______ on (insert a day)?"

    • So I asked her in a way saying I haven't been to this place in awhile and asking her maybe we can hang out, while I did not give a date I ended up sending another message with my number, curious if she is going to call or text

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