Ok, so I just met a guy one night (no sex) I'd love to see him again, we live in different cities, is there any point?

Hey everyone!

Ok so, I went back to my hometown last week for a night out for b day. I live about an hour and a half away now.

I met this guy with which I had a good chemistry, I was staying in a hotel, he ended up coming back, I told him we weren't having sex and he was cool with that as we seemed to have a lot in common! There was an instant connection, an attraction, chemistry, it was scary what we had in common. We talked and kissed pretty much all night, he stayed till the next morning and no we didn't have sex! He stayed till I left to go home. He just kind of came out of no where!

It sounds so silly, I'm 25 but he literally has had me thinking about him so much, I'd love to see him again. We've text since, he said hed come to see me but I don't know how true that was as he hasn't mentioned it since and neither have I!

I feel like I'm over thinking, but is it silly to feel like this? I feel like I want to see him again so much!



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  • It sounds like it's worth it

    • I know, I hope so, I just don't know! it's sad though because I'm still thinking about him, he just did something to me I can't describe it :( I feel like I don't want to forget him or it. Do guys like when a girl is upfront about wanting to see them again?

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    • Yeah, I think I'm going to jus ask him. Fuck it! Life too short and I'm going to be upfront, I just don't want it to sound weird or anything! Lol thank you for your help. Either way I'll update you!

    • YOLO!!! Lol, it's completely wroth it and I hope it goes well

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