Haven't heard from him what happened?

So I went on a first date with this guy a few days ago. Later that night he texted me saying he had fun and said we should do it again sometime. I replied saying that I would be up for that but now I haven't heard from him in 2 days and we were texting every day before the date ( about 2 weeks). Is he uninterested? I'm confused?


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  • Ahh the slow death. If you continue to not hear from him just move on, and move on fast. He won't be worth it if he's inconsistent going into a relationship anyway. Trust me, it's happened to me, and yes it sucks but it feels so good to know that when you move on they come back and feel like shit because they lost their chance. I dated a guy for about a month, and things slowly died. Thank god I'm not one to get too emotionally attached but I didn't want to date a guy who sent the last text "I just don't know". A few month later he came back but I had already moved on. <3 Don't wait around for some guy, you need effort from both sides. :)

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