How do I stop him from leaving?

I'm sure some of you will recognize my sn and think i'm terribly desperate to still be with this guy after all the posts I've made.

So recently I caught my bf doing coke with one of his female friends. The way I caught him made it look like he was cheating, but they both told me they are just friends. I found out she has been with her bf for about 3 years and he gives her a lot of do pretty much whatever she wants.

As I was coping, he told me me he lied to me to avoid hurting me and I told him I always asked if it was okay we talk to people of the opposite sex... you know... just friendly, innocent, decent friendships. And he said "no baby, I don't need that"

So I told him the act of lying about it is what made me so upset and crazy. He went on to telling me he just didn't know how to say what I said was true.

Now that I tell him just give me time to sort this out... a couple weeks at least... and for him to screw his head back on since 3 binges in one week is just... MADD CRAAZYYY
And he's saying that I deserve someone who treats me better and don't change for anyone because I'm perfect the way I am. He cries, holds me close, tells me how much I mean to him and how much I love him... how he's not sure if he'll ever find someone who will love and care for him as much as I do. And he also begs me to stay friends with him.

Thing is... he hasn't broken up with me yet... he said he doesn't want to make any rash decisions and on top of that he's cutting ties with this woman and is not going to talk to any for a couple weeks...



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  • You have gotten advice from people here already. You know they are right. You don't listen. So why are you asking again?

    • though mine was the only response and perhaps one you did not want to hear, you took time to assign it "most helpful". I thank you for that, and I hope that you are understanding that people have tried to help you in other posts. And hopefully you are making adjustments to better your life.

    • yes, its very hard... I know I may have to leave if he can't change. He has addressed the problem and is well aware how distraught I am. He tells me he loves me and I deserve so much more and that no matter what he'll always be there for me. He told me he will try his best to give us a shot, because he knows what is right and he is trying to be a better person... a lot of people have told him he needs to grow up. I just fear he'll try and do well, only to fail and break my heart even more. All I can do is trust him, and know that whatever happens, even if it may make me feel like the wind was knocked out of me, it's for the better... that I can't keep someone trapped in my life on conditions.

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