Is it my fault that he withdraws and start sounding strange?


I need some opinion.

I got to know a guy online 2 months ago. We have gone on 3 casual dates so far. He initiates a lot of text messages. a lot . Almost everyday. I will initiate some of the texting too, just to be fair and also, I think we get along pretty well. It's fun 'talking' to each other.

A few days ago, as he was studying for his exams, i decided to get him a box of cupcakes (sweet treats doesn't hurt right during stressful period?) and asked him to pick it up from me. He said, not today, he couldnt make it. And he asked why i got him those cupcakes. From that day on, although he still initiate texts, he begin to sound strange. His texts are not as warm as before. Finally yesterday, i told him something was wrong and that he was beginning to sound like a stranger. All he said was 'Ok. You have a good day then'. I told him to take all the time he need, and that he know how to reach me when he's ready.

I just need to know, if that 'cupcakes' moment was a bad idea or that it was a trigger to let him know that maybe he thinks i want 'more' from him, which i dont at the moment.

He's not my boyfriend and I am fully aware. But it still sucks when someone starts sounding distant. We are not exactly dating-dating. So i dont know what is the problem.


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  • there's no reason cupcakes should do that. If it does, then he is over sensitive and unappreciative. Stress sucks and it really effects people but that doesn't mean he has the right to get butt hurt. Its good you don't play games like that. You did exactly what I would have done--You know how to get ahold of me when you get your head out of your ass. If Im still interested.

    • I think its so sickening for anyone to do this. Man up and express urself instead of being a coward about things. And yes, 'u know how to get hold of me, but no promises i will still be interested!'

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    • Thank u..

  • It depends. When he asked why you got him the cupcakes, what did you say?

    • I said 'sweet treats wouldn't hurt during a stressful period. My friends used to get my chocolates when i was studying for exams too. Just to make u feel better :)'. Just like that.

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    • Thank u.

    • You're welcome :)

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