Girls, I've been on six dates with a wonderful young lady. Is it too soon to write her a little letter of admiration?

Hello ladies. I've been on six very fun dates with a girl I met about five weeks ago. I really like her a lot so I bought her roses after the third date. On our fifth date we kinda had a memorable outing and took some pics. I want to frame a pic and write her a letter to give her on date seven. Not a love letter, but a letter saying I've enjoyed spending time with her and like her smile etc. How would this be perceived? Would it be too soon? I'm the romantic type I suppose but would love your opinions.

Also some more background info. She's divorced and I'm the first guy she's dated since. I want to show her I care and want to ease her into things and respect her feelings. Not sure if this changes anything.
Another update. Should have mentioned I'm asking on behalf of a friend. Apparently he did this on Friday and it seems it didn't go over well. What should he for damage control?


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  • I think your idea is really cute and romantic but you only know each other five weeks and you're the first man after a divorce so it would be too soon. I don't know first hand but she may needs time to trust you or any man again.
    Instead of writing a letter you could just tell her that you really enjoy your dates and that you really like her, make her feel comfortable around you. If she reacts positive to this you could definitely safe the framed picture for a future date.

  • Hmmm..that is a lovely gesture, however...I would wait a little bit.

    • Why do you say wait?

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    • And concerning the update, I'm confused. You said you asking this question on behalf of a friend...and then you follow with another update talking about you. So I'm confused about what or whom you're asking this question about.

    • Apologies for the confusion I wrote in first person because I thought it would be less confusing. The question is being asked on behalf of a friend. He did do this already and he's not certain it went over well. He's known the girl for two months but has been dating her for about 5 weeks. Hope this clarifies.

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