How to write a good online dating profile?

Can anyone give me a basic outline for an online dating profile? Thank you?


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  • It depends on your goals but here are some general rules:

    0. CREATE A NEW EMAIL THAT WILL ONLY BE USED FOR ONLINE DATING AND ENSURE THAT IT IS UNASSOCIATED WITH ANYTHING ELSE ABOUT YOU. Before online dating you were Clark Kent, but now you are online dating so you have to be Super Man. Or Bat Man. Or Whatever. Just play it safe to avoid being stalked IRL.

    1. Never be negative (if you can't say something nice, don't say it at all); flaws/restrictions can be left in Q/A sections (if your site has them) or talked about while messaging or dating

    2. Only post your best pics (keep one for every every thirty taken and throw the rest away);

    3. NEVER USE PICS THAT ARE USED ELSEWHERE (or you can be image searched and harassed). I always take fresh pics, have them rated, post the best, then delete them all after so that I can't accidentally re-post the same pic elsewhere.

    4. Since you are a guy you are going to be the one writing intro messages (women generally don't write first because of dumb traditional reasons, but the moment you start getting even a few rare messages is the moment you know you are getting closer to a VERY good profile). DO NOT EXPECT WOMEN TO WRITE YOU (just thank your lucky stars if one of them actually does)

    5. Do not spend too much time writing an intro letter as half the time you will not get a reply. Women get like 30 messages per week or so compared to the 0.2 guys tend to average. However, do take some try to connect on some level that is more than 'sup'.

    6. Make sure you know what's allowed to be posted and what's not allowed. Some sites allow 'private' pic albums with partial nudity, but lots of other sites will ban that kind of stuff. Personally, I've never taken such pics but I've seen them while crowd-moderating.

    7. Don't delete your account just because you are unlucky. These sites emphasize searches on profiles that are 'fresher'. Instead frequently edit and update your profile to stay 'fresh'.

    • Thanks this was very helpful. . On the about me section what things do I bring up? I'm not good at talking about myself

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    • Don't get too personal if you talk about work or something. Try to keep details foggy and be untraceable. NO SPECIFICS!

    • This might not be up-to-date but it might help you choose a good site (smaller population services can be discouraging):

      I use OKC, but it was acquired about a year and a half ago and lots of changes have been made that I'm not happy about involving tests and Q/A emphasis. I have been getting more messages lately but I am still uncertain if I like the changes.

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  • Introduce yourself, and give a very brief, grammatically correct description of who you are and your interests.

    You could say something like, "Hey, my name's [name]. I'm an [job title] from [city]. Writing and creativity aren't really my thing (jk), but I love [things you like to do]."

    Maybe you like cooking, hiking, 80s music, Star Trek, whatever.

    Then go back and add a little more detail. Like, after you say, "I'm a blank from blank," add in, "but I grew up in a small town in blank where the rest of my family still resides."

    Avoid cliches, and putting in a little *too* much detail.


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  • I used a profile that laid out who I was, what I did, what I liked, what I was looking for, and any showstoppers. It needs to incorporate some humor because we all like to laugh, especially the ladies in my experience. If you work in a profession, that is something I'd clearly include.

    I met my wife on OK Cupid but before they were acquired. The old match engine was a really good one. We started out an 70% match and by the time we'd answered a bunch of questions, we were a 93% match. That was nine years ago and we're still together and happy.

    If you don't have some good photos, spend some money and get some good candids shot. Also be prepared for very low response rate. Usually, the ladies who are interested will contact you, at least that was my experience.

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