Is Zoosk a legit online dating site?

Is Zoosk a legit online dating site? I got a meet me notification and I don't know why


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  • It is like most other sites like POF and OK Cupid.

    • Oh.. Don't know why this girl sent me a meet me thing

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    • You won't know that until you know her better. try chatting with her a bit

    • She's a definite 8

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  • I personally feel it is bullshit. Plus most of the profiles when I looked at it are on OKC and POF anyway. I actually had a "girl" try to money scam me on it claiming she was in Africa with a bank issue.

  • It can be kind of a pain because they give all these notifications and then you have to join (pay) to actually be able to contact people.

    Just like all the other sites - no one goes through all the trouble of setting up a dating site just because they are nice and want to get people together.

    As far as whether this particular notification is legit, you'll just have to find out - there are sometimes scam artists or hookers who use the sites.

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