I want him now. Did he stop talking to me because it's too hard for him?

Did he stop talking to me because it's too hard for him. He really likes me and told me he always has and told me he plans on marrying me. I was never upfront with how I felt and definitely gave him mixed signals. I do really care about him and realized I do and did have genuine feelings for him. I feel like now he's just giving up on me because i never reciprocated. what do i do? I have texted him but it was always me recently. how do i fix things and make it up to him? I never meant to hurt him I just didn't know what I wanted until now. I had family troubles and trust issues. after he moved away and not seeing him for months i realized it

I've known him for 4 years. he 2 years older and he's 22


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  • Here's what happened.

    He tried hard to make you feel special. He opened his heart for you. He said how much he wants to be with you. He wanted a serious relationship with you. You pulled away. He tried even more. You drifted apart. He tried to make you feel comfortable and to make you feel how special you are for him. You couldn't go further.

    I understand that it was because family and trust issues, but HE doesn't know that. He'd assume that you either didn't want him as much as he wanted you or that you were playing hard to get. So, he thought "Why would I waste my time and heart on someone who doesn't appreciate my existence? Why would I keep on hurting myself like that? I love her very much yet she doesn't. I can't keep on doing that. I have to move on. I promise myself not to let my heart melt whenever she decides to get closer to me. She'll drift apart and break my heart again and again".

    So, that's how he thought of it and you know that. Question is...how to have him back? There's only one solution. BE HONEST with him. Write him a letter explaining EXACTLY what happened, how much you loved him but couldn't be with him for the reasons so and so. Be very sincere. Open your heart to him. Explain everything. I hope he believes you and I hope he knows how much you care and how much you love him.

    Just be sincere and honest. Take the risk. You love him, so he's definitely worth that risk. Good luck! :)


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  • you need to make it up to him, if he has shown you much affection or that he did a lot for you and you didn't do much to him in return, this is your chance.

    do something to really make him feel happy. be creative, use your time and effort.

  • Let me tell you, this behaviour can be very frustrating. You get mixed feelings from the person, you eventually move on. Then the person starts paying attention to you, you're not sure if it's because the person is missing you, really cares about you, or if they just miss the care you gave them.

    Then if he starts talking back to you, are you going to do the same and stop reciprocating again? That messes up a guy's head. Nobody likes to get played for a fool.

  • I just went through this but on the opposite end. I am not sure what advice to give you. You do have to prove yourself over a long term period for sure. If I don't get something back when I should be I move on no matter what. I am done with choosing women that won't open up as I have.


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