Online dating - women still looking after a year?

So I noticed on some online dating websites. I have seen some women on there for almost a year.

It kinda makes me wonder why? I would assume if you're on a online dating website, that you would at least find someone in a year? Or are those girls really picky?

I remember going on POF last year and so I remembered some faced. I tried today to see what's new. And, I'm seeing tons of girls that were there last year. Or they have some new pictures updated.


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  • I don't think you understand the quality of the guys that are generally on these sites, lol. I tried it for a while, and don't get me wrong, I met people that I was interested in, but more often than not people get flaky and shit just doesn't work out to say the least. So I'd get back to the website and give it another go. Lots of dudes (and probably a lot of females but I don't know seeing as how I never got messages from females) are attempting to use it as a method to hook up.

    • See that's the difference I find. Lot's of girls on there seem to want a relationship and not all of them want to hookup. Which I assume makes it harder since most guys probably use it for hooking up only.

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    • OK, you know what blondfrog, I've had about enough of your whining.. lol. It's become clear to me that you're just really fucking bitter about women in general right now. Nope, it isn't for attention seeking. Personally, I'm getting a little tired of your attention seeking.

      And yes, typically there's 2 different motives involved. I was on OkCupid for over a year, but it wasn't constant. I'd leave the site for a while and come back to it.

    • There are women who hook up as well, man. But it sucks because I'm one of the guys who is looking for a longer term relationship.

      I'm currently in a semi-Friends-With-Benefits relationship where we have gotten to second base, but because both of us are planning to move/have questionable destination times neither of us intends to advance it. I've already told her it's cool if she looked for another guy and that I would have to drop the semi-benefits if the right girl came along, but she understands and is still game for 'teaching me' a few things (I'm still inexperienced).

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  • I am actually a culprit of that. It's because I have not yet come accross someone I really like, or who likes me back. But I fear that if I close it down, someone I really like might come along. I don't actively search on there regularly, but I can at least relax knowing that my profile exists, and can be seen by any suitable potential guys...
    But honestly, there is not much on there in terms of guys. Possibly girls too...

  • I don't understand why this is so hard to believe, especially when you yourself have been on POF for over a year. Are you really picky?

    I'm sure reasons vary among women, with the most common being that they just simply haven't found "the one." Maybe they've gone on a bunch of dates throughout the year, and even entered into a serious relationship for a period of time (who knows), but have clearly not had any luck with anything long lasting.

    • I haven't been on POF for a year. I was on a YEAR ago, then after a month left it. Today I randomly decided to see if it's any better or not.

    • And this "the one" crap is total BS. Someone did a poll here and most people didn't buy into the whole one thing... and if people do I think it's because they expect perfection which they never will find. I know I can't expect a girl to be perfect, just can accept her for how she is even with her flaws (as we all have some).

  • Its not about just finding...SOMEONE. Its about them being selective as they have every right to be. But a lot of people are. You're only noticing it more because its written down for all to see.


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  • Same thing in my area, but we never know with these women. These women could be "serial daters" or just really picky. They could be coming back to the site after being off of it for months too and we just happen to see their profile.

    Most complaints I hear from girls are that guys just wanna hook up. But I do see some profiles that blatantly show that the girl's picky. But it's her life. She can be as picky as she wants... and just stay single.

    Also keep in mind, guys are on the site for the same time to be able to point that out. Plus, we don't know if either men or women's profiles are seriously made. Look at how many girls are really just making profiles for attention with no intention of meeting anyone. Many of them just do it to get an inbox of "you're pretty" to make themselves feel better. This is the big reason why I don't message girls on it anymore.

  • Nothing like a little judgement to bring out the best in the ladies. Seriously, smart women have always been very picky. It's built into to basic biology of sex: males compete, females choose. It's like that throughout the animal kingdom. Females have a much bigger stake in this than we males: they carry the young, are primary caregivers, and take all the risk.

  • seems like these women (on POF) are very picky. My friend is on there who I went to HS with. she's picky. I dont go on it as much because POF and very competitive.

  • Considering guys outnumber girls on most of these sites 10 to 1, you have to draw conclusions about how well online dating works out even for the girls, when you see a lot of them on there for long periods of time..right? I've noticed the same thing in my brief times exploring online dating.

    • Well the ones that had message me in the past told me the same thing. That they hated having to filter through all the BS guys and missing out on some guys. Apparently, I was told I was a gem within the list of guys. Unfortunately, I just didn't like her drinking every night and had to end it. Can't live with an alcoholic woman even if she is awesome.

    • Another example!
      MH right?