Been speaking to this girl online. I'm starting to fall for her... but we have never met.?

In January I met this wonderful girl, online, we shared the same interested, goals and dreams. We would text up a storm, then I finally got the courage and called her... we spoke for hours after, through Skype, and on the phone. Then a month later, she started to pull away, which she apologized for. This left me confused and dazed and a sense of "What just happened?" she explained to me she was feeling confused about her sexuality and that her grandfather was just diagnosed with liver cancer.
I felt a bit hurt as anyone would, my fault for investing too much time in this. She told me how much she liked me and that our issue was distance nothing more... So a few weeks later I bought myself a vehicle, so that I could go to her city to see her. Thing is she has never reverted back to how things were... last weekend I was going to drive to her, but due to a near accident I freaked and thought that maybe, I wasn't meant to see her that weekend, since she was working and was very busy. So I asked her is she would be keen to see me on the 5th April and she said Yes that sounds good :) :). So now for some reason I have a feeling that she might not want to see me... even though when I told her 2 weeks ago that I was almost in an accident! She said it would be better to actually spend time and have longer to chat to you. My feelings, even though I understand are crazy to think about, are becoming stronger and stronger. I just want to see her and see what happens. My friend read through our entire text history and told me straight that she likes you. I just want to get to see her and just hang out just to see what we had online can be translated into the real world. I mean we have learnt so much about each other and all it has done is intensified my feelings towards her. Yeah I've liked girls in the past. But I have never liked someone like this before. Its so new. Ow by the way I have never had a relationship before.

So I'm an artist specializing in realitic graphite portraiture, I was thinking, and my friends think it would be a good idea. That I draw her a mother daughter picture A3. Apparently it would give me browny points?


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  • It's very simple.
    Phone, Skype, Facebook- these social networks are used to ''set up a date'', if u spend hours n hours on these things, she would definitely put you in the friendzone because?
    A) You are too available.
    B) You are her ''gay male bestfriend'' who actually listens to all of her problems。
    C) You do not have chance to flirt with face-to-face which is crucial to test her attraction level in real life, while you couldn't simply do that in online.

    Phone is for set up date, mostly u can talk on phone is 5mins-10mins to get better result.
    You're just putting false feelings on the ONLY ONE girl,
    Please do not do that, ever!
    Best Regards,

    • I only text her once every 2 to 4 days, I keep it short, and just ask her about her day etc.

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    • I'm sorry for misunderstanding, you did quite well.

    • Would it increase my chances with her?

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  • It's up to you if you still want to visit her or not, but until then, don't put all your eggs in one basket.

    • I really want to see her! like REALLY!!!

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  • High chance she is a guy, faking her gender. Never trust someone online. Break up now

    • She isn't a guy and she is who she says she is... I looked and "investigated" hahaha