Why did he invite me to meet his parents and then do this?

I have been dating this guy for 4 weeks and its really full on. I wanted to slow it down, but he said he really liked me and that he wanted to be in a relationship. I have waited a long time for someone, so I decided to stop being so cautious and go for it.

Last weekend he invited me to go back with him to his hometown and stay at his parents house for a night.

We got there Friday evening, his parents were there. They were nice and polite to me and I got on well with them. We went to bed and to respect his parents I stayed in the spare room. The next day, my boyfriend and me had a lovely day at the beach.

Evening came again and we were sat with his parents in the living room.

Suddenly my boyfriend got up and said he had to go to band practice at his church. He told me his ex-girlfriend from 3 months ago was in the band and a really good singer. He invited me to come along, but I felt uncomfortable meeting his ex-girlfriend.

He looked at me as if I was being annoying and unreasonable. I said well what if I asked you to come and meet my ex-boyfriend, how would you feel and he said he would feel uncomfortable too. He said well yep ok whatever, stay here watch a film, sit with my parents, whatever, I have to go now.

I went and sat down with his parents. They were nice, but the whole time I felt like my boyfriend had treated me rudely. He invited me here but then didn't have the respect to make sure I was ok.

He told me he would be an hour tops, but he ended up being 4 hours and was practicing with her from 7 until 11pm. I just thought why did he bother inviting me here if he wasn't going to spend any time with me.

I also had work in the morning, which i needed to get home for.

Is this strange or am I overreacting?


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  • Tip of the iceberg to come + parents did not take your side nor protest = he's been trained to be spoiled.
    No worries over ex now - she obviously dumped him & he uses band partly to meet gals like her, then continue to see them, when they don't.
    This is a bad deal, why repeat it?

    • Hmm yeah I was surprised at that as well, that his parents didn't even tell him it was disrespectful of him to leave and just ditch me like that.

    • Not me - no surprise
      It's easy to raise a spoiled brat,
      then easy to keep quiet if/when he leaves the house in peace.
      Sorry, this mess is for someone else desperate enough to clean it up... not you.

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  • It's pretty obvious he really went home to meet his girlfriend, not to have you meet his parents.

    I bet his parents were more embarrassed by this than you were. But it was only 4 weeks you were wasting your time!

    Say goodbye to him...

    • Thanks, I probably will get rid. I thought I was being overly sensitive, but clearly when you feel something is wrong, it probably is.

    • Correcto! Good luck.

  • Why would he even mention his ex would be there... Sounds like he wanted to bring you there to make the ex jealous or something. I wouldn't trust him

    • I didn't understand that either and found it really strange. But him and his parents both seem to think it was really normal, so I started wondering whether I was overreacting. But thanks its good to hear that I'm not being overly sensitive.

  • run..run far away. he's not worth your time...

    • Thanks, I might just do that.

    • which I had better advice for you but from experience, yeah, run for your life.

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